• Leaders in on-vehicle troubleshooting diagnostics and repairs.

    • Removal, repair and replacement of diesel pumps and injectors.
    • Repair and fitment of turbochargers.
    • Dyno tests.
    • Correct setup of timing and turbo boost.
    • Compression tests.
    • Cam belt fitment.
    • Expert tune- ups.
    • Pre purchase appraisal of vehicles.
    • Servicing.


    Troubleshooting is our specialty. We sort out the following problems:

    • Hard starting.
    • Excessive smoke.
    • Lack of power.
    • High fuel consumption.
    • Overheating.
    • Fuel leaks.
    • Engine miss and rough idling.
    • Emission problems.
    • Intermittent problems.
    • Engine knocking

Wildaf Diesel, Fuel Injection Specialists

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